From « Le goût de l’archive » to « The Allure of the Archives »

Le goût de l’archive, a famous book from french historian Arlette Farge, have been translated this year by Yale University Press. 

The Allure of the Archive

In this book originally published in 1989, the author portrays the emotional and sensual dimension of the world of the archival research throughout her own travel in judicial records of the modern period. English speaking people can now discover this classic well-known from the french archivists.

Arlette Farge; Translated by Thomas Scott-Railton; Foreword by Natalie Zemon Davis, The Allure of the Archives. New Haven: Yales University Press, 2013. (Available at the library of the FMSH)


Julien Pomart

Responsable des Archives de la FMSH (2010-2018)

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